Norwegian University of Science and Technology architecture students Ivar Tutturen, Trond Hegvold and Alexander E. Furunes in collaboration with the NGO Streetlight and the local community completed a project last summer 2011 called Studio Tacloban costing 8,160 euros or about 440,000 pesos with an area of 46 square meters.The studio serves as a study center for the children in the seawall slum community of Tacloban City.

The group Studio Tacloban and non-profit studio Workshop, in collaboration with Streetlight’s nurse Nerren Homeres promoted series of workshops which sought the use of architectural process as a tool to allow parents improve earning conditions for their children.

Local families helped together to build the center. The Mothers are responsible for the center’s interiors while the fathers are committed in constructing the center itself. Materials and skilled labor were sourced locally, “to help strengthen local businesses, local knowledge and craft,” state Ivar Tutturen, Trond Hegvold and Alexander E. Furunes. The group left halfway the completion of the project, the local families took over and managed the center until it was completed. “The building has now become a manifestation for the children of how much their parents care about them and their future,” state the architects.

Studio Tacloban: Study Center. Photo by Nelson Petilla
The Study Center’s front façade. Photo by Ronnie Ramirez
The center’s entrance. Photo by Ronnie Ramirez
The children’s study space. Photo by Verlyn Ponce
A drawing workshop to define the center’s final form. Photo by Nerren Homeres
A design and make workshop. Credit to the owner.
A view of the workspace. Photo by Ronnie Ramirez

“What we wanted to achieve was a charged space for the people that use the building. This is why we involved the mothers, fathers and children in the process,” continue Tutturen, Hegvold and Furunes. “This space is created by them and evolves with them. The aim was to develop a space for social awareness and a belief for the future, and by the end of the process the building became a symbol of change manifested through the effort and love of the parents for their children.” The centre is now in full use, and Streetlight continues to promote workshops to help parents collaborate with children in their education.

The study center at night. Photo by Ronnie Ramirez

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